WATCH: A Preview of the the NYT "Framing Britney Spears" Documentary

Tonight on FX Networks, Framing Britney Spears exposes how her conservatorship silenced the singer while amplifying the #FreeBritney voices.

Director Samantha Stark says she gained enough material for a six-hour documentary. The passion from Britney’s followers is infectious. The director said “The loudest voices in the Free Britney movement are gay men, who were boys when she was becoming popular. I found that very moving.”

Memorable moments in the 90-minute show include:

An attorney approached in 2008 about the conservatorship interviewed Britney. She was resigned to being under the control of a conservator. The lawyer Adam Streisand recalled “Britney said, ‘I don’t want my father to be the conservator.’ That was her one request. She wanted somebody independent.”

The consensus is that Britney’s inner circle allowed her life to spin out of control. One person shared this perspective “No one was helping Britney because there was too much money to be made off her suffering.”

Britney gained success in the late 90s by capitalizing on a sexy and innocent image. Being a teenager herself, Britney understood the dichotomy of still being immature but having hormonal urges. Her music and video embraces those polar opposites.

By the end of Framing Britney Spears, viewers may begin to believe they contributed to her demise. Basically, her fans encouraged a predatory paparazzi. They haunted Britney, then sold embarrassing photos to magazines. Some people bought the tabloids to point and laugh at the pictures. Not unlike many still do these days with her Instagram posts. (Los Angeles Magazine)