Gwyneth Paltrow Has Created Her First 'Goop' Sex Toy

What do you get the gal who has everything? To ask Gwyneth get ‘em an ‘intimate massager’ from For those that missed it, Paltrow’s new toy hit the site on Valentine’s Day.

As for calling it a toy...there’s a double entendre at Paltrow herself has been having a fair amount of fun promoting the thing. Taking to her Insta, Paltrow posted a photoshopped pic of herself from the 1999 Academy Awards.

While the original was Paltrow holding her Oscar, the ‘updated’ version has her holding the vibrator...and it’s captioned with a suggestion to head over to “to see what all the buzz is about.” And when poet Cleo Wade Paltrow an “icon” for spending the coronavirus quarantine “creating her own vibrator,” Paltrow replied via her Instagram Story, “Had to pass the time, you know?”

Source:US Magazine