Demi Lovato Admits 2018 Overdose Left Her with Brain Damage

Demi Lovato's 2018 drug overdose triggered a medical crisis that came very close to killing her.

On Wednesday, in front of the Television Critics Association, Demi admitted “I was left with brain damage. I still deal with the effects. I don't drive a car. I have blind spots on my vision. For two months [after the overdose], I had a hard time reading because my vision was so blurry.”

The documentary's director said Demi allowed cameras and interviews to go “far deeper than an inside look beyond the celebrity surface.”Michael Ratner added that Dancing With the Devil is “An intimate portrait of addiction, and the process of healing and empowerment.” (Variety)

In a trailer for her new docu-series Demi Lovato: Dancing With the Devil, she reveals that she had three strokes and a heart attack before she even got to the hospital. In an emotional moment, she tells the interviewer “My doctors said I had five to 10 more minutes."