Mike Klein

Mike Klein

Grew up in Columbia, Maryland. I love traveling, Going to concerts, and eating at local restaurants! I have literally watched everything on Netflix...Full Bio

Moved to Columbia Maryland!

Pasta Plus best Italian food in Maryland

In this week's poadcast "The 50th My Jewish Parents" discuss their recent visit to Pasta Plus, an Italian restaurant located in Laurel, Maryland. They rave about the food, calling it the best Italian food in the state. 

I must be glowing!

Welcome to this week's episode of "My Jewish Parents." In this episode, we discuss a personal and difficult experience that our family recently went through. It all started when my dad was walking towards IHOP and suddenly fell down. 

We hope that this story has touched your heart and provided you with some valuable insights and inspiration. Join us next week for another exciting episode.

What’s Stanger Things?

We talk about Stranger Things and how to handle the squeegee workers in Baltimore!

I’m dressing up as an old man for Halloween!

On this weeks episode we talk about me getting my booster. Also my parents talk about their Halloween costumes And why did my parents never take me to any fun amusement parks when I was younger.

The food here is horrible!

My dad is very unhappy living in a independent living facility. He’s even talking about possibly moving out. One of the major reasons why he’s upset living there is the food is so bad.  My mom also gives advice on how to get along with your significant others during the pandemic. 

I’m concerned about the Omelette man!

My parents embarrassed me at brunch this past weekend.  I also told my dad about a new job he could during his retirement. Living on Mars. At the end of the podcast they started arguing about how to help the environment.

I wasn’t there for the accommodations and the food!

We went on a road trip to Long Island. I did all the driving. Find out what my parents think of me as a driver. I also learned a lot about how to sit Shiva after Jewish a person passes away.

Free Britney!

We talked about The free Britney rally in DC!  I don’t think my parents were into that!  They were more concerned about freeing us from Covid.

I can’t believe it he had two desserts!

We talked about my mom and my dad fighting over dessert on Father’s Day and how overdramatic I was helping them move on Saturday.